Tailor-Made Ayurveda

In tailor-made mode, however long or short the traveller would like to stay, we can help her/him make a custom-made itinerary to suit any specific plan one may have. That could even make us arrange other needs of the customer which we may not have listed on “Our Services”. For instance; tailoring another destination together with a regular plan, or making an entirely new plan best suiting one’s wishes or interests.

Highlights of ITINERARY

On this itinerary, one gets to suggest their availability, time, individual needs etc., so that we can help you in getting a custom-made itinerary done. Feel free to contact us with your wish-list to get it tailor-made, and fulfilled.

One may kindly note that we can have Nature walk/Trekking, Bird watching, Herbal-medicine factory visit, Herbal garden visit, cultural tours, visits to scenic places etc., based on the time availability, reservation in some cases, cost, preferences etc.