Flash of Ayurveda

This is for the busy traveller type, who may either have very few days in Trivandrum, India, and would like to have a quick feel of Ayurveda, or for a business traveller who has hardly a day or two off his/her conference or meetings.

Highlights of ITINERARY

Day 1

• Pick up from Trivandrum Airport

• Proceed to Homestay on cab

• stay overnight at Homestay

Day 2

• After breakfast, will be given a quick orientation on Ayurveda

• By Cab, will be taken to the Ayurveda clinic

• Consultation with Doctor

• Will be offered the following treatments: Abhyangam(1) Swedanam(1), Shirodhara(1)

• Transfer to Trivandrum drop at Airport / Railway station

• To catch flight/train