About us


We are Haana, a specialized Japanese company offering authentic Ayurveda, nature-oriented and cultural tourism services based in Trivandrum, the capital town of Kerala state, India. Haana offers Doctor-administered Ayurveda treatments, guided nature-awareness treks, coordinates cultural tourism, and deals in Ayurveda oils, medicine packs and treatment in India, the birthplace of Ayurveda. The promoters of this venture are an international team, who have excellent travel, cultural and people management experience spanning decades.

With a vision to bridge Japan and India, we found that introducing such an ancient and efficient form of herbal based Indian branch of medicine to interested people, and professionals leading busy and hectic schedule with life style disorders, can create wonders in their way of life.

We associate with hand-picked genuine ayurvedic centres with excellent physician reputation. We also do have tie ups with yoga facilities, people with good cultural and heritage know-how, people who understand nature and wild life, and we do treks to offbeat locations. Our partners also include both city and rural based home stays, good fleet of cars for transportation, Native Japanese and English speaking staff for coordination etc. We also have very good connection and tie ups with one of the few prominent Ayurvedic oil & herbal medicine manufacturers in Kerala, making these medicines available even after the visitors return to their respective countries.


How we started

Haana was started as an answer to the quest for those seekers towards a philosophical and natural, or rather a holistic solution to attain a healthy state of body and mind. We started off as a link to bridge Japanese people and Ayurvedic providers of Kerala state, one of the few such original destinations in India, the home of Ayurveda. We also found that though minimal, there were a few very keen set of people who have done their research on Kerala and Ayurveda, and who were interested to travel to Kerala to experience it first-hand.

This prompted us to use our experience in both Japanese and India to lend a helping hand to those interested seekers of Ayurveda. Thus Haana was born. From there, there was no turning back. We plan not to make it a commercial venture, but to package it in such a way that people take the best experience from the original providers of such an ancient system. And we cover the basic costs associated with it, and make the experience more beautiful and authentic.

We offer genuine ayurvedic treatment, carefully crafted, interest-based nature treks and trails, cultural tours, native language support and local language orientation etc.


What we aim at?

We want to be a unique player in the ayurvedic tourism services, that is to be a one-of-a-kind provider. The services we offer include not only understanding the exact requirement of each customer we work with, but also to rightly package the experience with a taste of the local culture, and guided treks to the origin of the herbs, which are sourced to produce ayurvedic oil and medication.

We want Ayurveda, the age-old holistic healing system not to get corrupted or too commercialized.

As of now we see the quality of offerings deteriorating through rampant commercialization, with Ayurveda meaning just massage for the givers and the takers.

Ayurveda is not so, as massage is just a part of the offering. For a genuine visitor interested in Ayurveda, it means careful initial consultation with a qualified Ayurvedic physician, determine the body type of the visitor with respect to the elements, and treatments being offered according to that.

We want to give Ayurvedic tourism a new meaning by including Ayurveda, the herbal experience, the origin of the herbs, mountain treks, local diet, cultural understanding etc. to be included in the package so that the visitor gets a true feel of what he or she desires when they visit this place.

We aim to support the visitors to comfortably spend an entirely relaxing and refreshing time in Kerala. We want the visitors to leave Kerala, with a refreshed and rejuvenated body and mind. We want each customer to take back home, a healthy body and mind, entirely rejuvenated, with a new insight into the way they should live. We want to provide excellent value for money to each customer, even with entirely different needs and taste. Haaana also aims at providing a wonderful, never-before holiday experience for the traveller, urging the person to return and take the relationship with us and Kerala, life-long!!!

From short visits to long stay, we offer suitable and appropriate plan for each guest. So please feel free to ask us about anything.

We look forward to greeting you in Kerala, the land of Ayurveda.