About us

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We are Haana, a specialized Japanese company offering authentic Ayurveda, nature-oriented and cultural tourism services based in Trivandrum, the capital town of Keralastate, India.

Haana offers Doctor administered Ayurveda treatments, guided nature-awareness treks, coordinates cultural tourism, and deals in Ayurveda oils, medicinepacks and treatment in India, the birthplace of Ayurveda.

The promoters of this venture are an international team, who have excellent travel, cultural and people management experience spanning decades.

What is Ayurveda

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History of Ayurveda

Kerala located in the South Western part of Indian peninsula, is known throughout the world as the Land Of Coconut trees. Further, as a place with many rivers and backwaters and needless to mention, as the “Land Of Ayurveda”.

Ayurveda originated many millennia ago in India, but its current form took shape between the 5th and the 5th century BC century AD. It is a branch of medicine which lived through centuries and is

Importance of Ayurveda

Today Ayurveda has grown up to various levels-from a basic medical system to a cosmetic therapy such as massage for skin and hair, and beauty. For instance, Marmachikilsa helps rejuvenation of body and soul. Kerala Ayurveda gives importance to herbal components of medicine rather than metal or mineral components.

Ayurveda along with Yoga and Meditation makes mind free from stresses, keeping body and mind in vigour and improved in vitality.

About process of Ayurveda

Various processes in Ayurvedic treatment are listed below. Depending on the patient-needs, health conditions etc, the doctor can suggest taking one or more of the followingtreatments.

Abhyangam, Shirodhara, Swedanam, Elakizhi, Udwarthanam, Njavarakizhi, Pizhichil, Virechanam, Mukhalepam, Akshi tarpanam, Gandoosham, Nasyam, Shirovasthi...

About Kerala

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Kerala is a state in the south-west region of India. Kerala is the twelfth largest state by population and is divided into 14 districts.

The state is so naturally gifted with a long range of mountains (the Western ghats) on one side, and the entire state lined with a sea shore on the other side.

Uniqueness of Kerala- climate and terrain

This location is ideal for Ayurveda because of the climate in here is very stable and nature has rendered it’s green hue through out the state with abundant flora and fauna.

Average temperature of Kerala is about 25〜32℃ throughout the year.

Trivandrum in Kerala Tourism

Kerala is famed for its tourist spots, with world class idyllic beaches, serene rivers, magical back waters, temples, churches, mosques, festivals, cultural centers, forts, palaces and museums, long chain of mountainous interiors resplendent with unique flora and fauna etc.

List of Plans

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  • Flash of Ayurveda

    2 Days 1 Night

    USD 350 onwards

    This is for the busy traveller type, who may either have very few days in Trivandrum, India, and would like to have a quick feel of Ayurveda, or for a business traveller who has hardly a day or two off his/her conference or meetings.

  • Whirl-Wind Ayurveda

    4 Days 3 Nights

    USD 650 onwards

    This is recommended for a traveller who is busy, but could still manage to squeeze-in 3 or 4 days while in Trivandrum, to get a few Ayurvedic rejuvenation therapy sessions done.

  • Week-Long Ayurveda

    7 Days 6 Nights

    USD 1250 onwards

    A week may perhaps be somewhat ideal to people who are busy but still can get the best out of it. In 7 days of treatment, some different therapies s too can be tried than when one has limitations with the shorter, time-tied versions.

  • More of Ayurveda

    14 Days 13 Nights

    USD 2250 onwards

    For the relaxed traveller type, 14 days offer an optimal spread required for a number of treatments, which can slowly bring in the desired effect on them. From 7 days and further up, one can easily see the desired effects reflecting on them.

  • Good-Sized Ayurveda

    21 Days 20 Nights

    USD 3250 onwards

    As with the case of 14 days treatment, one can further the treatments for specific purposes, and experience an overall general wellness in them. 3 weeks can see the exuberance in people, beaming on their faces and body. A few sessions of Yoga too will aid the progress well.

  • Month-Long Ayurveda

    30 Days 29 Nights

    USD 4250 onwards

    A month gives enough and more time to try out various treatments, enjoy their fullness, and would bring about a certain positive change in oneself. More treatments can also be had in this duration, and a full course of yoga too, in conjunction with the treatments will bring about the desired effects in people.

  • Tailor-Made Ayurveda

    Any number of Days/Nights

    Price to be worked out accordingly

    In tailor-made mode, however long or short the traveller would like to stay, we can help her/him make a custom-made itinerary to suit any specific plan one may have. That could even make us arrange other needs of the customer which we may not have listed on “Our Services”. For instance; tailoring another destination together with a regular plan, or making an entirely new plan best suiting one’s wishes or interests.